By Mark Parsons, Artist in Residence at Grounds For Sculpture

I recently finished a large sculpture titled Red Line that is made from a ton of recycled cotton pulp. It is about the transition of “idea” to “drawing” to “object” – and back again. Red Line is developed from collaborative drawings that were done while I was an Artist in Residence at Grounds for Sculpture: I gave people a piece of paper and asked volunteers to draw the homes they grew up in.

A piece of paper at the table is a private surface, however once they were finished I asked them all to re-draw on a shared piece of paper that was 8 1/2 by 11 feet.

All the personal drawings and memories were woven together through this process, and the resulting “map” became the basis for me to develop the sculpture.

Red Line will be on exhibition for 5 months at Grounds for Sculpture before it is installed outside. Once it’s outside, parts of it will fall away. It will transition from a drawing to a sculpture, or from a sculpture to a drawing – depending on how you want to understand it.

For more information on this project, go to Red Line.

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