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By Marilyn Keating, Artist

Photographs Courtesy the Artist and by G. Hsu, Volunteer Docent at Grounds For Sculpture

Marilyn Keating installing Natural Curiosities at GFS. Photograph Courtesy the Artist.

Water Boatman, 2007, by Marilyn Keating. Wood, paint, forged steel. Photo by G. Hsu.

My sculpture and prints are informed by what I observe in my daily life.  I live in a small city just south of Camden, NJ.  My home is next to a gas station and across the street from another gas station.  In order to have a natural world, I had to build it.  I planted trees and flowers and built small living spaces in my postage stamp backyard.  I planted species that attract a variety of birds, bugs and butterflies.  I also built sculptures of ferro-concrete, mosaic and metal into the formation of my small backyard world.  Many creatures, from feral cats to rare birds, are frequent visitors to this world and have become both inspiration and subject for my art.

Peaceable Kingdom, 2009, by Marilyn Keating. Ferroconcrete, mosaic, ceramic. Photo by G. Hsu.

The kites and suspended works combine a lifelong interest in kites from all cultures, both ceremonial and functional, with creatures that impact my daily life.

Some sculptures are combined with representations of childhood toys and games. I call these works fragments because they are relatively intimate in scale (compared with many other works) and they make use of little pieces of memories.

Visit Grounds For Sculpture and view more than sixty suspended, wall-mounted, or free-standing sculptures and prints on paper on view in the exhibition Natural Curiosities until September 23, 2012 in the Domestic Arts Building.