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In this final blog of this series, we see the various types of gravel from Poland Sand and Gravel and the pavers put into place for the walls of the labyrinth. This final stage was completed by summer assistants, the facilities staff and Marcia.  Brian and I could not help with this final task as we had a conflict on that date.

Dan and Conner, Facilities Assistants for the summer, are ready to help.

Putting the pea gravel in place.

The pavers arrive and are put in place.

Pavers in place.

Looking better after a wash.

(All photography by Marcia Menuez-Commerford).

To see the labyrinth en total visit Munson Williams Proctor Museum of Art in Utica, New York at any time. The labyrinth is located on the right side of the Museum’s front entrance off Genesee Street in a hedged alcove.

We have really enjoyed this project and working with Marcia. Brian and I are contemplating creating our own labyrinth at home at some later date. Why not?