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By Brian Milliman, Contributor

In early May, Marcia and I went to Poland Sand and Gravel in Poland, New York to look at different types of gravel for the labyrinth.  Poland Sand and Gravel is located at the southern edge of the Adirondacks, and the gravel comes from the large variety of rocks found there – from limestone to sandstone to granite.

Here are some photos taken by Marcia of our trip to the Mine.

In this photo you can see stockpiles of different types of sand and gravel.

The processing plant where material is screened into different sizes of sand and gravel.

Here I am explaining how we can use the different types of gravel in this labyrinth. In the background, a dump truck gets loaded.

View of a 35-ton quarry truck on the other side of the gravel pile.

How does this all really relate to the labyrinth and art? You will find out in the final blog posts in the series coming shortly. Or see the photo showing a mock up of the walls of the labyrinth here in this earlier post.